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chlorine bleach is extremely corrosive and will eat any material it's applied to. eventually it will discolor your deck damage the surface (not to mention your plants) and exacerbate any mold/mildew issues that can occur. avoid this costly mistake and choose a non-toxic sodium percarbonate based . 【Get Price】

in the us heavy duty staticide® is used as a maintenance product for eliminating static from composite decking. this product is a non-toxic topical anti-stat that leaves behind a surface-active residual substance that washes away with water. since this product is not a permanent coating reapplications are . 【Get Price】

composite decking product is non-toxic and does not require staining painting or sealing. the features of eco-friendly modernview decking do not end there. not only is modernview . 【Get Price】

low quality composite decks have too much plastic contents in its composite hence it will cause the decking board to crack and chip off easily due to changes of temperature. 3) harmful to children health. drop a cigarette butt . 【Get Price】

while some composite decking may be more expensive initially its low maintenance may outweigh the initial upfront costs over the lifespan of the deck . the sustainability advantages of wood are many: wood is nontoxic and is a natural renewable resource; in fact it sequesters carbon. it can be recycled . 【Get Price】

non-toxic composite decking boards are made from reclaimed and recycled materials including wood fibres and plastics. resistant to heat as the composite material is more . 【Get Price】

by working with sustainable materials when building you're lowering the chance that your family and the earth are exposed to toxic products. as with many green choices the right one is not always clear-cut. the most eco-friendly option for you will depend on a lot of factors including your location the . 【Get Price】

deck supported by a company with experience and a commitment to better and green living. our composite products are free from formaldehyde and completely non-toxic. made from 63% reclaimed wood or rice husks fiber 27% high density polyethylene plastic and 10 percent . 【Get Price】

however there are inexpensive and non-toxic wood stabilizers such as eco wood treatment which are effective at creating a moisture barrier and thus preserving the wood and increasing its lifespan. bear in mind that this and similar treatments will also change the color of the board to a silver-grey. 【Get Price】

decking and natural pressure-treated and composite woods. by dan harding. we want . in fact given the availability of low-cost low-maintenance non-toxic and recyclable concrete tile and natural stone the greenest backyard deck may be the one never built at all. but before we get too drastic. 【Get Price】

composite decking pvc cleaner sealant bring the color back to your decks patios fences or outdoor furniture . seal it green sealants - non-toxic organic sealant products. seal it green sealants . seal it green xtreme plastic/composite sealer is for pvc vinyl and composite wood decking. using a . 【Get Price】

a national association of home builder's (nahb) research report (here) speaks of the benefits of composite lumber: its efficient use of materials and non-toxicity. composite wood is not subject to decay splintering and warping. in contrast wood for exterior use is often treated with toxic chemicals when it is . 【Get Price】

deck builders who want to minimize their harmful impacts on forests have two choices: recycled-plastic lumber and forest-friendly wood. plastic lumber is a low-maintenance deck material because it doesn't require sealing staining painting waterproofing or insect-proofing. the most environmentally friendly plastic lumber . 【Get Price】

quality composite wood products not only recycle waste that would otherwise end up in landfills using the latest in manufacturing technology quality-constructed wood composite looks like wood. the good thing? no trees were harmed in siding your home. composite wood doesn't release harsh toxic . 【Get Price】

natural wood decks; treated lumber; composite decking; hdpe plastic decking; beyond . wood is nontoxic and extremely strong for its weight and it is beautiful and easily worked . borate is water-soluble meaning that it cannot be used in ground-contact situations but it is fairly inert and non-toxic. 【Get Price】

unlike treated wood vinyl deck is made of non-toxic 100% recyclable pvc compounds. it eliminate the annual repairs . styled to look like marble travertine or even weathered metal stone composite tiles are very strong and are a low maintenance alternative to wood decking. where wildfires are a . 【Get Price】

composite decking does not and in fact when the plastic melts it releases very toxic gases. in the backyard where you might occasionally drop a charcoal briquet this doesn't sound like a big deal. now look at a boardwalk where hundreds of restaurants and street vendors work with open flames grills. 【Get Price】