12x12 ground level deck cost

deck at ground level requires nailing a few boards together and adding a railing. once you decide to build an elevated deck the project becomes much more complex which naturally adds to the cost. not only will you pay extra for the added insurance and fall protection for workers but you'll also need to factor in . 【Get Price】

cost . fit the project as you proceed to account for any variances. with the help of a friend clamp the rim boards so their bottom edges are 2 inches above the ground at the highest point of the ground. once each board is level and flush with the adjoining boards drive 3-inch deck screws to hold them in position. 【Get Price】

diy experts of the family handyman magazine . we used a premium grade of low-maintenance composite decking with hidden fasteners which brought the total cost to over $2000 but using standard treated decking and . the deck surface should be no more than 8 in. above the ground where you step up on it. 【Get Price】

ground-level deck (16-24 hours of work) and a multi-level deck (116-132 hours). additional costs: building a deck often requires a permit depending on local regulations and the size and height of the structure. most contractors will coordinate any permits and inspections but . 【Get Price】

deck here's the numbers: a deck contractor will charge $2060 to build a basic rectangular 10- by-12-foot ground-level floating deck using a pier system of blocks and composite surface decking. that includes labor and material. you can do it yourself for $680 the cost of the material and save . 【Get Price】

the type of deck boards you use will also factor into your overall cost. where you're putting your deck also matters. if it's low enough to the ground you may be able to place the joists on four-way deck blocks rather than digging post holes. it's possible to level the soil and place these directly on the ground. 【Get Price】

deck. although the cost of hiring a contractor can be double or triple the diy cost the peace of mind is worth it. as an outdoor living space a deck requires inspections and permits. some elements . 【Get Price】

ground level deck would usually include only three steps and the railings would need pressure-treated wood posts railings and balusters ;. furnishings - the cost of the deck should include built-in benches and planters made from the same pressure-treated materials as the decking itself. 【Get Price】

[read: 11 ways to protect yourself from diy disasters.] of course if you don't know what a pier is or a joist (boards that offer support to the deck) you should hire someone to build your deck rather than doing it yourself. mease recommends looking at your neighbors' decks and when you find your favorite. 【Get Price】

cost of your deck is the number of steps it takes to reach the ground. steps are very labor intensive to build and install so they tend to be rather expensive. so a pressure treated deck about 3'-4' above the ground should cost somewhere between $27-$32 per square . 【Get Price】

level deck or patio can be achieved in one weekend by just following a simple set of instructions. decking material is available in pressure-treated wood cedar composite wood and plastic and vinyl. this choice can be factored by the use and cost of the . 【Get Price】