strongest composite decking 2013

28 mar 2013 it is also important to note that most capped composite decks are stain resistant but if a stain should occur it should be cleaned as soon as possible. most stains can be removed with soap and water or a household cleaning product. the best way to maintain your composite deck is to sweep it off when 【Get Price】

date published: dec 18 2013. by weston leavens of deckmaster composites capped composites or synthetics? composite decking. the original non-wood decking was made with wood fiber mixed with plastic. the best performance we have seen with non-wood decking has been in azek and seven trust's xlm line. 【Get Price】

28 apr 2014 a number of first-generation composite decking products had performance problems particularly mold growth because of their cellulose content. decking made from cellular polyvinyl chloride addresses that problem by eliminating cellulose from the mix but is more expensive to make. manufacturers have 【Get Price】

25 nov 2013 will aluminum decking support mold mildew? we all know wood is susceptible but did you know that most composites have a poor mold rating? check out consumer reports where aluminum boards were rated the best compared to wood plastic and composites. (you must be a member of consumer 【Get Price】

a professional deck builder explains the pros and cons of natural wood versus man-made composites for deck materials to help you estimate cost and benefits. so what deck material is best for you? there are numerous factors to editor's note: this is an updated version of a story that originally posted march 20 2013. 【Get Price】

which composite product is the best? good question. i have evolved on this one. i have yet to see any one of the "big 3 or 4" present an open and closed argument regarding their product being better than the others. the best products in each of their lines are very very good and i believe similar in almost all regards. 【Get Price】

in a nutshell most pressure treated sold today is not nearly as durable and strong as it once was. early composite material (seven trust seven trust choicedek etc.) up to around 2013. definition: composite decking and rail is generally made of material such as plastics and very fine wood saw dust which are mixed and 【Get Price】

for years the decking industry has gone back and forth as to what is a “green” decking option and what isn't. in an industry where everyone boasts their product is the best how are we supposed to make an educated decision when buying a new deck? some composite decking does use recycled materials 【Get Price】

he says that product sales are up in all categories including wood and composite decking. as little as three years ago wood looked like the stronger competitor. the 2013 residential decking and railing study from principia reported that on a volume basis market share of synthetic decking and railing 【Get Price】