foam lite frame decking

deck: good because great strength light weight high speed construction. allowable shear value in steel deck diaphragm system determined by: thickness of steel deck size of welds and other connections between deck and framing spacing of welds and other connections between deck and framing and . 【Get Price】

foam is corrugated with beam pock- ets that are 6 inches deep and 4 inches wide spaced 1 foot on center. the sup- pliers offer deeper versions of the product for floors of longer spans. a light-gauge steel floor frame supports concrete over a corrugated steel deck. light steel joists form a composite with the concrete floor. 【Get Price】

light solution to reduce noise levels inside any space. vicceiling was developed to replace the traditional and dull gypsum boards commonly used on suspended t-frame ceilings. 【Get Price】

foam board insulation specifically designed for use under concrete. the rigid foam board insulation keeps the frost away from the concrete and keeps it from lifting the concrete. even with . 【Get Price】

deck framinginstead we'll describe how to tell if your deck is in good structural shape. we'll show you how to replace old . if they're nailed just hitting each near the deck and the top rail with a light swing of the sledgehammer will knock them free. if they're screwed on back out as many as you . 【Get Price】

decking. once you have made the frame and you use the fixing kit it is very simple to fit i made it a little harder for myself as i fitted it at 45' angle i cut the boards with a compound mitre saw which breezed through it. one drawback i found was the . 【Get Price】

light provides a safe working load of 450 lbs. and offers a number of quality standard accessories as well. bed system package includes the deck and frame the electronics mattress stays at corners and handset all for one low price. 【Get Price】

foam insulation. interior wallboard. total aluminum frame. residential grade carpet and linoleum. carpet padding. 1st layer floor decking. 2nd layer floor decking with staggered seams. hi-density block foam . 【Get Price】