different type of deck surfaces

different types of decking boards including softwood hardwood composite . nowadays there are countless surfaces colours composites which can all affect the life-span maintenance eco-friendliness cost of your decking. making the right . 【Get Price】

shopping for decking? read about types features and other must-know topics in our decking buying guide to make an informed choice . surface textures include smooth (like plastic lawn furniture in some cases) subtle wood grain ridges and other decidedly nonwood-like patterns. some composite . 【Get Price】

different varieties. so i guess it's not surprising that decking options have grown exponentially over the past several years. it wasn't long ago that the only choice . 【Get Price】

another pool deck material that is frequently considered is flagstone a common term for any type of flat slab of natural paving like the oklahoma stone that was used to build this deck (pictured at right). rich in earth-toned colors and textures this type of stone is ideal for around a pool because it has a . 【Get Price】

deck for your home or business it is important to take time to consider the various types of wood decking to ensure your deck will not only look beautiful but that it will be able . incising involves making small slits on the surface of the wood to allow the preservative to penetrate deep into the layers of wood. 【Get Price】

deck wood. rather they sit on top of the deck surface and cover the grain like paint. they are good for hiding discoloration and can provide a uniform appearance. these stains however are prone to chipping cracking and peeling. having discussed the three main types of deck stain let's . 【Get Price】

toronto home with brick pool surround. natasha nicholson/getty images. brick has been around for more than 5000 years so it's a proven material and surface for a pool deck. pros: durable easy to maintain available in colors other than terra cottalike grey for instance. cons: moss has a tendency to . 【Get Price】

variety of natural looking colors to choose from including many variegated tones that imitate realistic exotic hardwood grain patterns. new lines of colors are added so . "mushrooming" on the surface. other decking systems have a grooved edge to provide a surface to attach hidden fastener clips. 【Get Price】

deck is a flat surface capable of supporting the weight similar to a floor but typically constructed outdoors often higher from the ground and usually connected to a building. decks can be used in a number of ways but normally are designed to extend living areas of houses and as an alternative to stone based features . 【Get Price】

deck or how you gussie it up with planters and pergolas it still boils down to a big flat walking surface. that makes your choice of decking materials your number one design decision and a big factor in the total cost of your deck. today there are more choices than ever for decking materials. 【Get Price】

deck here's information on the pros and cons of the various materials you may use to build it . pressure treated wood: lasting about 15 years this is the least expensive and most common type of decking. its non-slip surface actually becomes less slippery when wet. 【Get Price】

so the decision process usually involves only the materials that will make up the decking surface and railings. related: angie's list guide to . other species of wood such as redwood and hardwoods like ipe jutoba and tigerwood are also used on decks but not nearly as often. manmade deck material . 【Get Price】

deck material you choose is an important consideration. decks should be attractive cool to the touch and comfortable to walk on. a deck must also have a non-slip surface. the type of material you should choose depends on various aspects such as cost maintenance . 【Get Price】

decks are often subjected to intense environmental conditions. stained deck surfaces often need to be retreated every two to three years. if your deck is exposed to direct sunlight cool damp shade or experiences heavy foot traffic be sure to inspect it each year. taking care of your deck will add longevity to your finish. 【Get Price】

deck and porch surfaces but a number of rivals have emerged in recent years. pressure-treated softwood remains a popular low-cost option but a growing number of exotic species also are available. the key is selecting wood that has been grown and harvested using sustainable forestry practices. for other decking . 【Get Price】