composite substitutes for plywood

in many other ways though composites and plastic wood are good hardwood alternatives. 5. soy. no you can't build walls out of tofu but soy is another immensely useful plant that is used for insulation carpet backing paint strippers and more. while soy fibers may not be a substitute for wood soy can . 【Get Price】

ply is an innovative calibrated fibre-composite panel for all interior decorative applications including ceiling walls and build-in furniture. it is safe and environmentally friendly productperfect for plywood replacement in interior decoration work. 【Get Price】

alternative - do it once - do it right! strongest and stiffest composite panel with the absolute highest strength-to-weight ratio; consists of polyurethane foam filled throughout with layers of continuous strand glass and woven fiberglass; over 30% lighter than plywood with equal superior . 【Get Price】

a major portion of woods are used for making home furniture household products and building and constructions. in all these cases wood can be replaced by composite materials made from natural fibres like jute coir sisal etc.jute fibre composites enjoy excellent potential as wood substitutes in view of . 【Get Price】

composites - an alternative to wood products' has been launched recently by tifac's advanced composites mission in collaboration with m/s durofiex limited bangalore. 【Get Price】

wood substitutes are building products that are not graded as lumber. composite substitutes contain wood fibers and a mixture of plastic or cement glue and assorted other. 【Get Price】

composite structural roof panels are not only a lightweight substitute for roof decking they provide a weatherproof finish without the need for tiles or shingles. tests performed in 2010 by icc-es evaluation service show that composite structural panels meet the uniform building code requirements for . 【Get Price】

composite panels. we can help you create that radius project quickly and economically provide environmentally friendly products and help reduce weight for those special applications. our products are . 【Get Price】