free standing decks next ot house

i am planning on building a small deck on the side of my house where there is no door or window. the level of the deck is below the top of the basement so i need to drill through the concrete for the ledger board. however because there is no door i am thinking about just building the deck as freestanding . 【Get Price】

something to keep in mind for a freestanding deck adjacent to a house is that the support posts will typically be in the over-dig next to the house. to land on undisturbed earth the footers must extend down to the original house-footer depth. on some properties that's not a big deal but if the basement is 9 . 【Get Price】

freestanding decks are a bit more work because the house-end of the freestanding deck will have to rest on additional post footings rather than being connected to the .. the next step is to attach decking boards which will often be 1x 4 or 1 x 6 lumber or fabricated decking boards with rounded edges. 【Get Price】

i'm planning a free standing deck build off the back of my house but how close to the house can i do the footings? or can i move the footings away from the house to the circled spots and have. 【Get Price】

some older houses may be built with uncertain wall construction that may not be strong enought to support a deck addition. these decks can be built free standing using an additional beam and posts situated next to the house wall. it is important that these frost footings are installed on top of compacted soil to prevent them . 【Get Price】

i'm planning out a deck that's about a 16 by 10 foot rectangle. (i'll be angling off one corner of it but that's not important for the question.) i want it to be next to the house but our house is old and a bit of a hassle from a surface standpoint - it's basically 90 year old wood siding with 3 coat stucco over it. 【Get Price】

free standing deck. for the front of the house. wonder if i'd still need a permit??? it's not really a porch.interior designer kristin jackson has tips and ideas on how to build a floating deck-- or island deck. she shows how she build a gorgeous deck in her yard. ... floating outdoor deck. my next beer thirty project. 【Get Price】