best flooring for second story

hi there we are looking for advice about flooring for our second floor . we have heard that tile is too heavy for the second floor but other advice has been that the weight actually stabilizes the . just make sure you get a good tile installer and he uses a good membrane in between the sub floor and tile. 【Get Price】

i'm interested in installing those porcelain (wood looking tiles) on about 800 sq feet on the 2nd floor of a home. i called . i don't understand why i can't install on 2nd floor since all homes have tile in bathroom on 2nd floors and seem fine . i'm in the outskirts of east phoenix if someone has a good referral. 【Get Price】

floor (not a bad thing in hot/humid la. the second floor is unfinished so it . now despite my best advice i can tell you that we as a family simply must have carpet it's easy to clean and soft on the feet so since we have dogs we have a . 【Get Price】

if a room had dirty carpet a vinyl floor that was tearing or commercial tile that was coming up changing the floor will give the space a clean well maintained feel . in second floors where you are trying to reduce noise carpet could be an option as it absorbs sound better than most other flooring materials. 【Get Price】

floor above you'll have to do the best you can by treating your own ceiling. but it's always best to reduce the noise as close to the source as possible so if the upstairs is part of your own house or is under your control that's definitely the first . 【Get Price】

flooring the more muffled the sound the better especially in a multi-story building house apartment or condominium. fortunately there are several good flooring choices with effective sound dampening properties. sound is transmitted when hard objects like hard-soled shoes furniture dropped objects. 【Get Price】

my first floor is all hardwood the basement is high end laminate and my second floor is carpeted. it's long past time to redo the second floor. what's the best choice for a master three other bedrooms and a hallway? my main floor hardwood has been a pain to maintain and it doesn't look great. 【Get Price】

floor. this is not my favorite way to install tile but it can be done as long as the existing tile and subfloor are in good condition and the old tile is thoroughly cleaned and scuffed up with sandpaper to allow the new mortar to grip. 【Get Price】

other things to covet: the fridge's chalkboard door (the best spot to meal plan for the week or jot down a grocery list!) the wood on the ceiling and the fun pops of color. (image credit: nancy mitchell). because the kitchen is on the second floor it gets a ton of natural light. just look at those windows! 【Get Price】

depending on the treatment you may save a little money over other floor options as well. after all chances are good (if you live in a house with a slab on grade foundation or in a much larger building with steel construction) that you already have a concrete floor. (image credit: a cup of jo). cork 【Get Price】

best in the world! anonymous 13:50. i can make a first floor and then a second floorbut i can't see both together in 3d mode! how do i see how the two line up . 【Get Price】

bedroom flooring is a particularly intimate surface. it is the first thing your feet will step down on in the morning and the last thing they will lift off of before climbing into bed each night. that means that the tactile and aesthetic effect that the floor will have on the space can also extend to the subconscious . 【Get Price】

if you would like to soundproof the second floor of your home so that the noise above doesn't leak below you have several available options. the best course of action depends upon how finished the second floor is before you begin soundproofing and how soundproof the floor needs to be. 【Get Price】

when you are installing tile on a second floor you may be concerned that the floor isn't strong enough to support the weight of tiles and mortar. however you can strengthen the subfloor with a layer of cement backerboard and then install tile on the floor as you would with any other tiling project. in fact tiling . 【Get Price】